Shadows Of A Spy

No. of pages: 369
Size: 144x206mm
eBook: AUD$8.50
Paperback: AUD$17.50 plus delivery

Under-cover role of a former member of Australian military intelligence.

For over two-decades the author was involved in a military-intelligence gathering operations, code-named Delta. His activities took him from the deck of a Soviet “spy ship” in Sydney to the fortified tent-compound of the dictator Muammer Gadaffi in Tripoli, Libya.

As a former member of the 4FS (EE) Section of the Australian Intelligence Corps - an “external enemy” unit - he was well-qualified to carry out his duties in helping protect Australia from militant, extremist groups that threatened the stability of our society.

His unique role is well-documented in this account, which has been lodged with the National Library of Australia for possible research purposes.

Some details in SHADOWS OF A SPY have been altered to avoid compromising on-going operations designed to ensure our national security.

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