A book about fairies, friendships and adventure.

No. of pages: 146
Size: 148x210mm
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Once upon a time in the deep rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia, there was a very special village called Fairiesville. Fairiesville was populated only by fairies, and the location of this village was far, far away from human civilization. The fairy elders chose this remote location so they could live in peace from the good and evil that now ruled the world.

A sacred book called “The Fairies Bible” was held in trust to the elders, its contents protected to ensure the survival of the human race. The elders taught the fairies from a very young age their mission in life was to create harmony in the human world. The fairies maintained their beliefs in this bible and dared not venture outside of these rulings.

Each fairy was allocated a new soul, on the day of its birth, to teach the fairy ways until the soul reached their first birthday. On this day they would be presented with a gift from their parents. This gift would change their lives forever. The gift was called a “birthday cake,” and upon the cake would be candles, candles that would be lit to perform the sacred ritual of the passing from the fairy world to the reality of human existence. Once the candles were blown out the soul could no longer communicate with or see the fairies but was told that the fairy would stay with them their whole life and guide them through their inner thoughts and that their parents would teach them the values of life from here on in. These humans were now known to the fairies as “the grown-ups.”

As time passed and the young “grown-ups” grew in age, they forgot about the fairies. However when they had children of their own, they always remembered to perform the sacred ritual on their child’s first birthday.

As hard as the fairies tried, they could see that the world was slowly changing. Their quest for world peace and harmony was becoming a struggle as evil surged forward into today’s society. There was nothing that they could do to restore the balance - or was there?

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