Epicurus for Everyone

Epicurus for Everyone is a collection of twenty-four short essays on the practical relevance of Epicurean philosophy.

No. of pages: 82
Size: 144x206mm
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The Greek philosopher Epicurus, over 2,000 years ago, developed a philosophy of life that still has relevance today. Epicurus emphasised the need for honest and open enquiry into the nature of the universe and the conditions for human happiness.

He argued that we need to learn practical wisdom so that we can make the most of this present life, without worrying about imagined deities and hoping for an afterlife that will never come. Understanding the role of pleasure and pain in life, and making wise choices, we can enjoy the good things which nature so abundantly supplies, avoid the sorts of difficulties that arise through wanting too much, and cultivate satisfying friendships that form a necessary part of personal contentment and social well-being.

In twenty-four short essays, Epicurus for Everyone introduces the reader to Epicurus and his philosophy, and examines Epicurean approaches to understanding the universe; pleasure and happiness; friendship and community; life and death; and personal and social transformation. The essays illustrate ways in which Epicurean thought can guide us to a soundly based and responsible philosophy of life, help us to address issues that confront us as individuals and as communities, including the threat of environmental catastrophe, and offer us new hope for the future

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