Voyage Of A Lifetime

No. of pages: 286
Size: 126x203mm
eBook: AU$5.00
Paperback: AU$25.00 plus delivery

How one man and his family, migrated to Australia in an old fishing boat from England, against all odds, and achieved their goal; they did it their way!

This is the true story of the epic voyage of the Caisley family, an average family of four from a rural village in England who sailed away from England in an old Swedish fishing boat. With no previous experience of sailing, navigation or the sea, the family were bound for Fremantle in Australia.

As they sailed across the Atlantic doubts and fears about what lay before them were continually on their minds.

The passage through the Panama Canal took them into the Pacific Ocean and on to and an even more challenging test of their navigational skills – or lack of them.

Whereas with the Atlantic crossing they had had the whole coast of South America to aim at, the Marquesas Islands were a mere speck in a vast ocean, and the slightest error would put them miles off course and in even greater danger.

But there were other problems that lay ahead, about which they had no knowledge and over which they had no control.

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