Continuous Business Improvement Planning

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“Continuous Business Improvement Planning”


The handbook that makes YOU the expert in working on your business

Discover how to use an innovative methodology to continuously improve your business.

A car that is regularly serviced makes driving problem-free. The destination is not the concern, getting there trouble-free is. Similarly, your business will consistently reach its objectives (destinations) as well as increase in value over time if it functions to peak performance. This will happen if you adopt a process of continuous business improvement.

What is continuous business improvement

Continuous means ongoing rather than one-off; business means the whole business rather than a part of it; improvement means in all areas of the business, not just in sales and profit. By addressing critical issues one at a time, you are on the path to continuous improvement. This “Continuous Business Improvement Planning” handbook will help you identify critical issues for attention by using the Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology.

What is the Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology?

This methodology leads you from beginning to end, in logical sequence, guaranteed to produce valuable information about your business. You only need to go through the 6-section process once, at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Section 1: Overview of the business; main business objectives.
Section 2: Analysis of the whole business to identify critical issues for attention.
Section 3: Action plans to address critical issues.
Section 4: Action plan implementation and monitoring progress.
Section 5: Financial management.
Section 6: Writing and reviewing the Business Improvement Plan.

What are the outcomes from this?

After you have been through the process, you will:

  • have a goldmine of valuable information on the whole business
  • be able to develop a solid blueprint for your business
  • have an information database to develop other supplementary plans
  • be able to use your expertise repeatedly

What are the benefits of this handbook?

This 28-page handbook is:

  • ready for immediate use - saves time
  • for repeated use - saves money
  • self-directed and fail-safe - methodical
  • portable, for use anywhere, anytime - convenient
  • adaptable to many different businesses - flexible
  • designed to get results - productive

With the purchase of this handbook you will also get the following one-page business improvement tips included in the Appendix:

  1. Controlling cash flows
  2. Profit multiplier
  3. Prospecting
  4. Sales lead generation methods
  5. Sales lead generation monitor
  6. Sales call appraisal
  7. Networking
  8. Recession-proof your business

We cannot promise you will succeed, as we have no control over you and your effort. However, we guarantee that if within 60 days you are not completely satisfied with what we claim the handbook can do for you, we will refund your money fully.

Good luck on your continuous business improvement journey!

Elvan Tong
Benbon Business Improvement

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