New Business Success Planning

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“New Business Success Planning”


The handbook that makes YOU the expert in working on your business

Discover how to use an innovative methodology to start, manage and grow your own business.

It is never easy to start a new business. You may read a lot on materials, talk to experts and still end up unsure, not knowing how, when and with what to begin. Then something comes along that makes it easier for people such as you.

This New Business Success Planning” handbook with a 3-in-1 capability is such a product. It uses a methodology to produce answers that will help you choose the best approach to start, manage and grow your new business. It leads you from beginning to end, in logical sequence, guaranteed to produce essential information. You go through the 6-stage process only once, at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Stage 1: Personal suitability; business overview; business objectives; exit plan.
Stage 2: Main aspects of the new business to assess ‘need to have or to do’ to set up, manage and grow it; Feasibility Study.
Stage 3: Action plans to address establishment issues and implementing them.
Stage 4: Action plans to address operational issues and implementing them.
Stage 5: Cash flow estimates; financial forecasts; cash cycle and cash flows.
Stage 6: Writing and reviewing the New Business Plan.

After going through the process, you will:

  • have an extremely valuable database of information
  • be able to develop a solid blueprint for the new business
  • have avoided costly mistakes that many make
  • have the right information to develop other plans and submissions
  • have acquired skills and knowledge like never before
  • be able to use your expertise repeatedly as your business grows

This 33-page handbook has these benefits:

  • immediate use - saves time
  • repeated use - saves money
  • self-directed and fail-safe - methodical;
  • portable, for use anywhere, anytime - convenient
  • adaptable to many different businesses - flexible
  • devoid of irrelevance - uncluttered
  • designed to get answers - productive

With the purchase of this handbook you will also get the following one-page new business management tips included in the Appendix:

  1. Growing pains in new business
  2. Sales generating tips
  3. Networking
  4. Profit multiplier
  5. Sales Process
  6. Prospecting
  7. Sales lead generation methods
  8. Sales lead generation monitor

We cannot promise you will succeed in your new business. We have no control over you and your effort. However, we guarantee that if within 60 days you are not completely satisfied with what the handbook can do for you, we will refund your money fully.

Good luck on your journey to new business success!

Elvan Tong
Benbon Business Improvement

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