Living from the Inside Out

A Guide to Healing and Transforming your Life from Within.

No. of pages: 327
Size: 144x206mm
eBook: AUD$9.95
Paperback: AUD$19.95 plus delivery

No-one can change your life except you – you have all the tools within to take charge of your life. The journey of self-discovery can be rewarding and exciting, and to find your true self during your travels makes every step worthwhile.

Living from the Inside Out is a reference tool for people who want to re-discover themselves and live a true, authentic life regardless of their circumstances. It covers real life and real issues that block happiness, speaking to readers in a practical language that allows them to digest, understand, and implement this vital message in their lives: to be whole and balanced, your mind, body, heart, and soul need to work in harmony with one another. Taking care of them all equally is a powerful step towards overall wellbeing.

In Living from the Inside Out you will discover how to go within to your cocoon, where healing and transformation occurs. You will then have the choice to either remain a stagnant caterpillar or emerge into a beautiful butterfly. That butterfly is your authentic self, with new-found strength, freedom, and clarity.

No more limits, no more excuses, no more playing the blame or victim game. No more worrying about what other people think, no more needing the approval of others. No more searching outside yourself for peace, love, and happiness.

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