All Will Fall

No. of pages: 329
Size: 116x181mm
eBook: AUD$2.00
Paperback: AUD$15.00 plus delivery

A medieval zombie novel.

When the grand city of Algrid is cleansed of the undead blight, an evil man rises to power.

King Redsim vows to remove all who challenge him. Now enemies of the crown, the Farrahy family are being hunted.

The warrior Jum'r is to right a great many wrongs. He travels far in search of a powerful mage, looking to take that power for himself. Power, however, corrupts.

The crew of The Merciless sail into Gagger's Bay. Making their way in a land crawling with undead, the pirates find themselves oddly at home amongst the mayhem.

All Will Fall - A tale full of trials and triumphs, battle-axes and ghouls.

Promises will be kept.

β€œThe anticipated follow-up to There Are Only Moments is here. In the tradition of The Walking Dead crossed with that of Game Of Thrones comes the next instalment in the medieval zombie epic – The Fate of Fallanbrier. All Will Fall takes you deeper into this undead filled world and like There Are Only Moments it is a fantasy tale of love, loss, greed and heroes. The consequences are still real and the happy moments, while few, are earnt.” – Leeroy Gussett.

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