Sandalwood Awakening

No. of pages: 133
Size: 144x206mm
Paperback: AU$9.99

Beautiful, inspiring book of poetry that connects us to love and wisdom, to the Divinity within.

Filled with over fifty poems and parables, Sandalwood Awakening¸ is a journey to our inner selves in search of wisdom, light and love. Each verse is like a calming meditation of its own, finding its way deep into the reader’s soul and yet challenging us to reach deeper, finally reaching an inner stillness. The poetry is beautiful, haunting and peaceful all at once, engaging the reader into a sense of serenity and tranquility. Author Wan Lai Richards lights the incense and begins the meditation with poetry that will stir, and calm, your senses.

Pick up Sandalwood Awakening today and feel the power yourself within these soulful poems.

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