Oh My God! Am I Alright?

No. of pages: 120
Size: 150x220mm
eBook: AUD$11.00
Paperback: AUD$20.00 plus delivery

Oh My God Am I Alright? is the ‘coming out’ story of a young confused man growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney to strict Lebanese Christian parents.

From the outside looking in, Michael El-Bacha seemed like any other Lebanese boy from a large family with strong values and an appetite for football, fast cars and chicky babes, but after his parents notice that Michael is not like other 'typical' Lebanese boys, he is whisked off to Lebanon to marry his first cousin.

A young Michael struggles to deny his true sexuality and leaves his young bride and infant child to find his identity, before embarking on a downward spiral and losing a lover leads him back home. Sex, drugs, homosexuality and love potions are what make this tale of self-discovery tantalising.

His story will make you laugh, cringe and cry.

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