The History of Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah, Sydney ,Australia

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The History of Moorefield Racecourse (1888-1951) is a social history. It abounds with jockeys, golfers, bookmakers and SP bookmakers, racegoers, local residents and other interesting personalities which bring this story alive. The Moore family is acknowledged with both its family history and Peter Moore's role in developing the racecourse.

The book has the following chapters: The Moore Family; Moorefield Racecourse; Jockeys; Horses, Trainers and Stables; Marshall Street; Kogarah Golf Club; Moorefield Stories, and Race dates from 1888 until the last race meeting, which was held on July 14, 1951.

There are many interviews and comments from people who recall Moorefield. Some interviews are with the descendants of the people, who were connected to Moorefield. Others are from local residents who lived near the racecourse, attended the racecourse, or golfers who played on the racecourse site.

My project started in 1993 in response to mid-1992 meeting with a former Moorefield Racecourse groundsman, Mr Ray Cunningham. He told me that "he remembered a lot about Moorefield, but when he died that the history would die with him." I immediately told him that "I would write the history, as I loved horse racing and local history." The St George Leader printed an article in mid-1993. From this article, I began my oral research and other detailed historical work.

Photos are included of Moorefield Racecourse, race horses, newspaper articles, a race programme, jockeys, trainers, and local identities. Lists are included of horses and jockeys at particular periods of time.

I encourage people, who have a racing interest, particularly those who have an interest in racing history, to read the book. Local residents, who grew up in the area, will find it of great interest as they relive their past.

People who have family members who worked on the racecourse will be enlightened by its written and photographic history. It is therefore a valuable tool for family historians. This book highlights many significant features about Moorefield horses, which won major races, including a Melbourne Cup winner and Moorefield jockeys, who rode overseas.

Moorefield Racecourse's history has not been documented in much detail prior to this book. This is a long overdue contribution to both our racing and local history. It will educate the current residents that "Kogarah once had a racecourse".

I made a commitment in 1992 to write the history of Moorefield Racecourse. I owe my history to the wonderful people I interviewed, and to those who assisted me with documents and research. A special thankyou to you all.

I thank my late father, Mr Ron Field for giving me a love of racing history, and in teaching me to appreciate the importance of local history.

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