The Mountain City Murders

No. of pages: 130
Size: 144x206mm
eBook: AUD5.00
Paperback: AUD20.00

The Mountain City Murders is a novel that can be described as Underbelly meets pub trivia with generous amounts of Shakespeare, Latin, satire and extreme violence involving murder and football training.

It’s a roller coaster ride of a story involving not just murder but: corruption, drugs, misuse of police power, political protest, dissent and how not to run a pub in a small mountain tourist/commuter town called Mountain City.

It’s also the story of Tree Changers who’ve escaped the rat race pace of Australia’s largest and most expensive city, Sydney to a find themselves in the habitat of a small community where everybody knows or knows of each other. It’s also a place where their past from Sydney can catch up with them, even from twenty years ago.

This is a story of a property developer who wants to put Australia Salt Water Crocodiles in a place where it snows, 1,000 meters above sea level, and 2,000 kilometres south of their tropical environment and doesn’t see anything wrong with placing housing estates in known bushfire paths. He also has a low opinion of the local community that’s stopped McDonalds opening up five times.

Mountain City Murders is also a story of the untouched bush and national parks around Mountain City: 200 meter high cliffs, temperate rainforests, mountain valleys, Swamp Necked Wallabies, Copper HeadSnakes, Owls and crime in a World Heritage Area. Mountain City Murders is a 21st Century Power Without Glory dedicated to the great Australian writer Frank Hardy.

In Hardy’s classic Melbourne’s Collingwood is Caringbush and in Mountain City Murders, Mountain City is the Blue Mountains town of Katoomba and The Three Sisters are Tiddas Rocks. (Tiddas is a common Aboriginal for sister/s. It also the name of the great Australian Aboriginal women’s band that performed for ten years from 1990-2000, comprised of Lou Bennet Yorta Yorta, Amy Saunders Gunditjmarra and Sally Datsey native born).

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