Y.O.L.A. (Year Of Living Aimlessly)


No. of pages: 364
Size 144x206mm
eBook: AUD$5.95
Paperback: AUD$14.95

This is just a story of one person's year away from their little world. All the amazing people and crazy things that happened couldn’t all be put into words. The day to day moments that saw us cross paths with so many have generally not been mentioned. Most of the thoughts, laughter and moments can never be properly explained. The experiences can never be recreated, replaced, but they will remain a part of me forever.

Everybody is from somewhere, and that’s the luck of life. Some never have the means to leave their world and others never get the chance to go back. I had been there and back. Moments that I had wanted to last forever were now gone, the people and places that had excited me were now somewhere in my memory.

I think I had gone some way to proving that your fate is what you make it. You buy the ticket and take the ride no matter what it is. Where you truly end up going is totally up to you. What you find when you get there is all part of the great unknown. And the unknown is out there and waiting for you to find it.

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