The Truth About Marijuana

No. of pages: 251
Size: 144x206mm
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Compiling the government, scientific and medical knowledge of the cannabis plant with personal experience and experimentation, The Truth about Marijuana is easy to read and provides a comprehensive account of the plants history, the politics surrounding it, and all aspects of this versatile medicine, food, industrial commodity, religious sacrament and recreational intoxicant.

The Truth about Marijuana compiles the information from over 150 years of government studies, 5000 years of medical research and 10000 years of human experience with the hemp plant in an easy to read and informative format. The authors personal use and experimentation with this food, medicine, recreational intoxicant, versatile commercial product and religious sacrament, combined with an academic understanding of cannabis provides insights into findings with real world practical examples.

Covering every aspect of the plants political and social history including its present day global applications The Truth about Marijuana not only unveils the realities behind decades of intentional misinformation and propaganda, it reveals the true reasons cannabis is illegal and continually vilified. A must read for anyone who uses marijuana or knows someone who does.

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