The Clamour of Silence

No. of pages: 259
Size: 144x206mm
eBook: $9.95
Paperback: $20.00 plus delivery

Inspiring Love story set in different cultures; the Hearing and the Deaf.

A mine disaster opens the story in which the father of our hero Ryan is scarred and becomes permanently deaf.

This has a traumatic effect on the six year old Ryan, in part by the non-acceptance of the situation by his totally self-indulgent mother Delma. Father and son do bond to Delma’s dismay and she arranges for the boy to be sent away to a boarding school. Years later we meet Ryan handsome, debonair, successfully advancing in a noisy stock market office.

Despite his apparent happiness, Ryan has been emotionally damaged by his overbearing tyrannical mother.

Ryan meets profoundly Deaf Julia and is immediately drawn to her inner tranquillity and emotionally balanced life-style engendered by her warm loving family environment. The lovers learn to share each other’s very different worlds and for the first time Ryan experiences what a loving family life can offer.

Delma in the most despicable way tries to break up the relationship. Julia is completely shattered by Delma’s cruel taunts and leaves the city to consider her options. At the same time an emergency occurs in Ryan’s office and he is unexpectedly sent to Queensland. Many complications occur before a much deeper level of understanding is reached.

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