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A girl who does not want siblings has a younger sister foisted on her and sets out to ruin her life.

This is a story of sex, scandal, greed and revenge.


Spoilt by her parents, Celia Kendall is horrified when she is presented with a sibling – her sister, Titia.

Her hatred of her younger sister culminates in Celia stealing Titia’s husband, Richard Newark, who also happens to be Titia’s boss. The brief union results in them having a daughter, Tani.

Celia eventually plots with Richard’s business rival Adrian Phelps – with whom she has been having a torrid affair - to destroy Richard’s thriving construction company.

Following Richard’s downfall, Celia abandons both him and their daughter Tani, to marry Adrian Phelps. They live a life of wealth and glamour but the match is one based on mutual greed and selfishness. Celia bears Adrian a son, Trent, who turns out to be a huge disappointment to his ambitious father.

After Celia deserts Richard and her baby daughter, Richard and Titia become reconciled and re-marry. Unable to have children of her own, Titia raises Tani as her own daughter. Titia has started a business, Kendall’s Secretarial Services. It becomes highly successful, and they eventually become almost as wealthy as Celia and Adrian.

Celia’s betrayals have caused a rift between the two sisters that can never heal.

The adult Tani falls in love with debonair merchant banker, Dominic Favoloro, and he asks her to marry him. She then learns the awful truth about her real mother, Celia, and the treachery she and Adrian Phelps indulged in years ago, which sent Richard bankrupt. Tani vows she will get even with Celia and Adrian for what they have done.


In her quest for revenge, Tani infiltrates Adrian’s corporation. She wins Adrian’s absolute trust and confidence – then betrays him.

Her actions have tragic consequences.

They say that revenge is sweet, but as Tani soon discovers, sometimes its price is far too high.

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