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Author’s view of an inexplicable event that occurred in Siberia in 1908.

Early on a June morning in 1908 a tremendous explosion rocked an area in Siberia around Tunguska. The peasants within 50 miles of the blast saw a multi-coloured, mushroom shaped cloud slowly rising high into the sky. Later there were accounts of animals and those brave humans who ventured into the area of the explosion being struck down with a strange sickness.

Scientists said that the explosion that caused shock waves to circle the Earth several times was the result of a meteor. But meteors strike the Earth and leave a crater. This blast was at least a mile above the surface, and there was no crater - just a millions of trees flattened and laid out in lines radiating from the centre of the explosion.

Another perplexing fact that cast doubt on the 'meteor' theory was that the object slowed down and changed direction before it exploded, according to eyewitnesses.

Scientists believe it was a meteor, and completely discount any other explanation, even though eye-witness evidence points to some sort of control! The author has his own views of this enduring mystery. Read Tunguska and decide for yourself!

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