Betting on a Certainty

Born in New Guinea and raised in Australia, Ann Fraser Brown ended up in Africa, the last place she intended to visit and in the last job she ever thought of doing.

Studying pharmacy was supposed to be Ann Brown’s ticket to lots of money and living the good life – NOT to a remote mission hospital on a continent she swore never to even visit. But God had other plans. From a dysfunctional home in Australia to a youthful lark in London to life in politically torn South Africa, Ann takes us along on her journey of transformation. We meet the people she grew to love despite her racist beginnings. We see her stumble and sometimes fall, only to recommit her way to the God who invites people of all cultures into his family. You will laugh with her and feel her anger as she faces challenges from a house full of cockroaches to angry whites who wanted to eject her and a group of African orphans from the beach.

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