There Are Only Moments

No. of pages: 310
Size: 126x203mm
eBook: AUD$2.00
Paperback: AUD$12.00 plus delivery

When its grand city of Algrid is devoured by the undead, unrest grips all of Fallanbrier.

Lady Farrahy, a member of the royal guard, leads a group of survivors across the vast region in search of safety and a way to restore their once great city. Among those with her is Earl Redsim of the king's council, a greedy and evil man, who also looks to restore Algrid – but for more selfish reasons.

A young girl named Ruby loses everything she holds dear and must flee her home with Benedict Wolfskin, a relative stranger. The restoration of Algrid hinges on the success of this unlikely pairing.

There Are Only Moments – A tale full of twists and turns, swords and the undead.

Today Algrid falls.

"In the tradition of The Walking Dead crossed with that of Game Of Thrones comes an all new swords and shields, zombies and ghouls novel from Robert J Lisle. But the undead are just the danger that lurks around the corner, the true story is the journey and survival of some truly good and some truly bad characters. There Are Only Moments is a fantasy tale of love, loss, action and fun. The consequences are real and the happy moments, while few, are earnt." – Leeroy Gussett.

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